Virtual Power Plant (VPP) trials (ARCHIVED)

Future Grid will tri­al what is expect­ed to be the North­ern Territory’s first Vir­tu­al Pow­er Plant (VPP). The tri­al will look at how a VPP can help keep the grid sta­ble while increas­ing the amount of clean ener­gy in the Alice Springs pow­er system.

What is a Vir­tu­al Pow­er Plant?

A Vir­tu­al Pow­er Plant (VPP) is typ­i­cal­ly a col­lec­tion of solar and bat­tery stor­age sys­tems that work togeth­er to pro­vide a sin­gle source of energy. 

VPPs use smart tech­nol­o­gy to con­trol the ener­gy flow to and from the grid on demand – ben­e­fit­ting the house­hold, grid and the community!

Why Vir­tu­al Pow­er Plants?

Solar pow­er has become very pop­u­lar in our town. How­ev­er, on bright sun­ny days, when solar pan­els are gen­er­at­ing lots of ener­gy, it can cre­ate chal­lenges in bal­anc­ing the sup­ply and demand in our grid.

Alice Springs Future Grid is explor­ing ways to store and dis­trib­ute the pow­er of the sun, includ­ing through our forth­com­ing Solar Con­nect VPP trial.

Use this link to down­load an Alice Springs Future Grid VPP Infosheet. 

The Solar Con­nect trial

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Solar Con­nect is a town-wide VPP and bat­tery tri­al link­ing house­holds via a Vir­tu­al Pow­er Plant. House­holds in the VPP will share solar and bat­tery pow­er in ways that ben­e­fit the Alice Springs grid and form the next gen­er­a­tion of more sus­tain­able ener­gy solutions.

In the bat­tery tri­al, the VPP will time your bat­tery to store ener­gy when your pan­els are pro­duc­ing the most elec­tric­i­ty and share it dur­ing peak demand. In return, you’ll get a com­pet­i­tive solar feed-in-tar­iff, and receive a month­ly cred­it on your elec­tric­i­ty bill.

In the solar PV only tri­al, house­holds will share their ener­gy data to assist with mod­el­ling and fore­casts, and will also receive a month­ly cred­it on their bill. Solar-pow­ered house­holds with and with­out bat­ter­ies are encour­aged to sign up.

Spe­cif­ic details of the tri­al offer will be detailed on this web­page shortly!