Sub-project 5: Future Grid Deployments

This mul­ti-faceted sub-project will cul­mi­nate in the deliv­ery of a Roadmap towards 2030’ report for Alice Springs. This will iden­ti­fy the opti­mal path­ways and time­lines for achiev­ing the North­ern Territory’s tar­get of 50% renew­able ener­gy by 2030, on the Alice Springs grid. The Future Grid Deploy­ments sub-project is being led by Pow­er and Water Corporation. 

The roadmap will be informed by out­comes from all sub-projects, with a strong empha­sis on the results of activ­i­ties with­in sub-project 5. These activ­i­ties include a solar and load fore­cast­ing tri­al, and a dynam­ic export tri­al for sites that are typ­i­cal­ly lim­it­ed in the amount of solar pow­er they can export.

Com­bined, these activ­i­ties will demon­strate how more renew­able ener­gy can be dis­patched into the grid, reduc­ing the need for cur­tail­ment. The aim is to pro­vide more options for Sys­tem Con­trol to min­imise the spin­ning reserve required from ther­mal generators.