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Solar pv only

No bat­tery? No worries! 

House­holds with solar PV only can still par­tic­i­pate in our Vir­tu­al Pow­er Plant (VPP) trial. 

There are two options to con­sid­er: the Solar Only Option (using an exist­ing eli­gi­ble solar PV sys­tem) and a Super­size Solar option. 

Pre-sub­­­mis­­­sion checklist

To be eli­gi­ble you will need to:

  • Be a Jacana Ener­gy customer
  • Be an own­er-occu­pi­er of the home you wish to reg­is­ter in the trial
  • Have a con­tin­u­ous inter­net connection
  • Own an eli­gi­ble solar PV sys­tem (or install one with­in a nom­i­nat­ed timeframe)

Solar Only option

House­holds with an exist­ing, eli­gi­ble solar PV sys­tem <5kVA can sign up to the Solar Only option. ou’ll receive a $200 par­tic­i­pant vouch­er and through­out the tri­al you’ll receive a month­ly $20 VPP cred­it on your Jacana Ener­gy Bill.

When you are in the VPP, your house­hold solar data will be used for mod­el­ling and fore­cast­ing to help man­age the tran­si­tion to renew­ables in Alice Springs. The project will install a VPP device and ener­gy meter free of charge.

There is also a dynam­ic export com­po­nent of this tri­al will allow for your PV invert­er exports to be changed for an equiv­a­lent of up to 12 days per year to allow for sys­tem testing. 

Eli­gi­ble solar sys­tems are typ­i­cal­ly those less than five years old (installed after 2016) with an invert­er from the sup­port­ed invert­er list below. 

Detailed cri­te­ria can be found under sec­tion 3 of the Solar Con­nect Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

Vouch­er$200 Vouch­er
Month­ly Credit$20 / Month
Tar­iffYour exist­ing Feed in tar­iff (Stan­dard or Premium)
Com­mit­ment12 Months

Super­size Solar

Super­size Solar will allow house­holds and small busi­ness­es to increase the size of their solar sys­tems while still being allowed to sell an amount of excess ener­gy back to the grid. In addi­tion to increas­ing the size allowance, Super­size Solar will tri­al dynam­ic export control.

Cur­rent­ly, sys­tems larg­er than 5kVA (sin­gle phase) and 7kVA (three phase) are not per­mit­ted to export. This is a require­ment of the Net­work Oper­a­tor (Pow­er and Water). Dynam­ic export deliv­ered via the VPP means larg­er PV sys­tems can export ener­gy into the grid under appro­pri­ate conditions.

The dynam­ic export com­po­nent of this tri­al will allow:

  • Vari­able exports between 0kW and 10kW (per phase) tri­aled for an equiv­a­lent of up to 7 days per month. (Vari­able exports will be set at the Net­work Operator’s dis­cre­tion, via the VPP).
  • Sta­t­ic export lim­it of 5kW (sin­gle phase) or 7 kW (three phase) at all oth­er times.

Exports from these sys­tems will be eli­gi­ble for Jacana Ener­gy’s stan­dard Feed-in-Tar­iff* and cred­its will appear on your elec­tric­i­ty bill.

Vouch­er$200 Vouch­er
Month­ly CreditN/A
Tar­iffStan­dard Feed in Tariff*
VPP DeviceVPP device installed free of charge.
Com­mit­ment12 Months

*See Jacana Ener­gy web­site for elec­tric­i­ty tar­iffs. Tar­iffs sub­ject to change.

Sup­port­ed Inverters



Con­nec­tion type


Pri­mo (INT or AU), Symo and GEN24






Sun­ny Boy SB#.0, Sun­ny Tripow­er STP#.0 and Sun­ny Boy Stor­age SBS#.0



X1-Hybrid-#.0T and X3-Hybrid-#.0T



SH5000 and ST10000 (Hybrid Inverters)




Exclud­ed models


No accept­ed models

Not applic­a­ble


No accept­ed models

Not applic­a­ble


No accept­ed models

Not applic­a­ble


No accept­ed models

Not applic­a­ble


No accept­ed models

Not applic­a­ble

1. SB#000 and STP#I000 series are exclud­ed
2. Sun­grow SG5K‑D invert­er is excluded