Alice Springs Future Grid Roadmap to 2030 - Public Release Hosted by CSIRO



Power systems around the world are experiencing significant change. The transition to decarbonised renewable energy sources and widespread consumer adoption of new energy technologies such as rooftop solar panels and electric vehicles is introducing both new opportunities and operational challenges. The Alice Springs power system has the opportunity to be on the leading edge of this global transformation. The Alice Springs Roadmap to 2030 Report, Roadmap to 2030 is a capstone project of the Alice Springs Future Grid and is designed to help diverse stakeholders understand the need for change and explore different ways the transition may occur. Without seeking to ‘predict’ the future, the Roadmap sets out pathways for achieving 50% renewable generation by 2030 and the recommended phases which are resilient across the most plausible future developments. Join Lyndon Frearson - Alice Springs Future Grid Project Director. Ekistica an some of the Sub Project Leads (TBC) as we showcase the report to you. We’ll be demonstrating how the report will answer questions like? • How has Alice Springs traditionally been powered? • How is Alice Springs’ power system changing and why? • What might Alice Springs’ future power system look like? • What are the risks and opportunities of Alice Springs’ power system transformation? This live session includes a Q&A session about the report.

Type: Presentation   Format: Video