What will happen to my premium feed-in tariff if I sign up to the Solar...

As per the Northern Territory Government’s advice when the feed-in tariff was updated in April 2020, anyone who upgrades their system will be transferred to the standard FiT which, at the time of writing, is 9.13c kWh (GST Inclusive).

From July 1 2022, those who have been on the Premium FiT for four years will transfer to the standard FiT.

Participants who have a battery will have already transferred to the standard tariff, and will be invited to opt for a variable (7-11) trial tariff if that is their preference.

Participation in the Solar-Only trial may or may not require system upgrades. Your FiT will therefore depend on what needs to happen to enable your participation in the VPP.

As upgrades to ageing solar systems will be required eventually, the VPP may represent a good opportunity to take advantage of the sign-up bonus and VPP credit. However, it is recommended that you seek independent advice to choose the best value solution for your household.