How much renewable energy is currently generated in Alice Springs?

As a proportion of the total annual generation in Alice Springs, roughly 15% comes from renewables. This includes household solar PV, large installations such as the Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre, Alice Springs Airport and Town Council-operated buildings, as well as the Uterne Solar Power Station.

At certain times of the year Alice Springs can operate on well over 50% renewable energy. Those times typically occur in April and September when no heating or cooling is required, and demand for energy is low. This is particularly true of weekend days or holidays when schools and businesses are not running. If there is clear blue sky and mild weather, generation from solar PV is high and demand on the grid is low; these factors together lead to the proportion of energy coming from renewable sources being greater than usual.

It is outlined in the Utilities Commission Energy Outlook Report that Uterne Solar Power Station currently provides around 3% of total annual energy consumed in Alice Springs. Maximum demand in Alice Springs sits at around 50-60MW. Minimum demand has been decreasing as more people consume power from their solar PV systems.